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    Poet's Corner


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    Re: Poet's Corner

    Post by daffyd on Wed Oct 14, 2015 6:48 pm


    Today we have bigger houses, but families that are small
    Today we carry mobile phones and lots of friends on call
    We talk about life and freedom, but pay less attention to defence
    We have benefited from education, but have less commonsense.
    We have accrued more experts, who tells us what to do
    But our problems keep on increasing, for me I know that’s true.
    We spend our money recklessly, drive our cars too fast
    We are living in the good times, but will the good times last?

    Our reading skills are waning, all our education is on T.V.
    Our work prospects are determined by what is written on our C.V.
    We accumulate possessions to show our progress in this life
    We donate… occasionally to alleviate world strife
    We talk too much, love too little, and often we lie too
    We are insincere, sometimes insecure, in the things we try to do
    We add years to life but not life to years and waste that which we save
    Thereby adding those years to retirement, trying to avoid an early grave.

    We build much wider freeways, but become narrower in the mind
    We isolate ourselves through e-mails, physical contact becomes a bind
    We can reach out into outer space, visit galaxies galore
    But can we name our neighbour, who only lives next door?
    We write more on our computers, yet learn less about our friends
    For the paradox we create and live by, is in truth where reality ends
    So in a quiet moment, slow down and try to think
    Are you one of life’s lemmings, or can you change whilst on the brink?


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    Re: Poet's Corner

    Post by daffyd on Wed Oct 28, 2015 7:41 pm


    A Halloween ball in my street
    Was a night I wish never to repeat
    The spirits by gum
    Were whisky and rum
    And I ended up white as a sheet

    I saw ghouls I saw ghosts
    That night they were hosts
    Entering crypts to open up graves
    Rousing the dead
    With a tap on the head
    Releasing the spectres and knaves

    Out to party and have a good time
    I got covered in gore and in grime
    I stepped out to walk
    Whilst trying to talk
    And fell in a pit of Quick Lime

    Needless to say
    At the end of the day
    The candy collected was ditched
    The spirits however
    Were not quite so clever
    For the whisky and rum were bewitched.


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    Re: Poet's Corner

    Post by daffyd on Fri Oct 30, 2015 7:19 pm

    Sweet Dreams

    It was the night o' Halloween
    When ghosts and ghoulies call
    I met most of them at the front door
    'Trick or Treating' here in the Fall
    Costumed spectres in unison
    Demanded candy, or they would curse
    My house and all its occupants
    And make my bad luck, worse.

    I soon ran out of candy
    No more ghosties could I treat
    I said so, and apologised
    So the ghouls turned up the heat.
    I retired rather early
    To bring and end to a tiring day
    That is when the un-dead
    Came to my room to play.

    Poltergeists threw pots and pans
    Moved my bed around the room
    Vampire bats attacked me
    Zombies came out of the gloom
    Hell itself did open up
    As did the bedroom floor
    I made a promise to myself
    Not to eat cheese at bedtime anymore.


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    Re: Poet's Corner

    Post by daffyd on Thu Nov 05, 2015 7:02 pm


    Well as you all have no doubt experienced the onslaught of the 'pyrotechnic season' (mid September through until mid January) you will understand my frustration at the indiscriminate use of fireworks. If we can be frightened and intimidated by the new mixture of loutishness and gunpowder.... have a thought as to how our pets feel.......

    Here is a view from a pet's perspective........

    Pyrotechnics is a word I've grown to hate
    As a canine I cannot comprehend
    They start around October and go on so very late
    That I'm sure they're never going to end.
    With hearing as acute as you know my hearing is
    An attribute upon which my life depends
    I cannot stand explosions or things that go off whizz
    And I give thanks when the 'pyrotechnic season' ends.

    The seasons has been protracted
    There are no longer days of truce
    Must these scenes be re-enacted
    For in truth there's no excuse
    We are the frightened minority
    With no voice to call our own
    In your pursuit of enjoyment
    The practise has grown and grown

    We are never given a moments thought
    When you point those rockets to the sky
    We are left in fear to tremble
    Without understanding why.
    With each firework you light
    Our fears are born anew
    It gives you a moment of delight
    But it causes heartache too.

    It causes great distress to all pets
    Whom you once did call a friend
    My plea this year to you is
    Let this PYROTECHNIC practise end.


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    Re: Poet's Corner

    Post by daffyd on Tue Dec 22, 2015 7:15 pm


    There are bells and they are ringing
    There are voices and they are singing
    There is music in the air
    And goodwill's spread everywhere
    It's Christmas

    There are girls and there are boys
    Happy children with new toys
    It is the joy of Christmas Day
    When young and old they smile and say
    It's Christmas

    Thank you friend for being there
    All throughout the year
    With your messages each day
    Bringing smiles along the way
    Merry Christmas


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    Re: Poet's Corner

    Post by daffyd on Tue Aug 16, 2016 6:04 pm

    When the world around me
    Puts on a sombre cloak
    And the sky, it splits with lightening
    And the rain falls fit to soak
    When fortune takes a tumble
    And illness prevents me from my task
    I hear thunder's distant rumble
    Why do you not cry I hear you ask.

    I do cry, believe me
    I cry as do you
    But my tears have long since dried up
    And the heart felt sobs are silent too
    To mask one's deep devotion
    Is a trait learned as a child
    Express not inward emotion
    Nor let your feelings break out, wild

    There are dependants all around you
    That need your guidance not your tears
    That moral courage that you display
    Helps drive away their fears
    Emotion still wells within you
    Heartbreak is yours to bear
    Silently and steadfastly
    For despite your loss, you care.


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    Re: Poet's Corner

    Post by daffyd on Tue Dec 06, 2016 7:28 pm

    Christmas 2016

    Snowflakes falling to the ground muffling every little sound.
    Sleigh rides, egg nog, Christmas lights children counting off the nights.
    Yuletide logs, some wine, some cake, carollers keeping Nan awake.
    Santa Claus checking off his list ensuring no one has been missed.
    All preparations almost complete, time now for church, to take your seat.
    To celebrate in our time honoured way Peace on Earth' this Christmas Day

    Christmas bells, fairy lights Roaring fires, frosty nights
    Soon the winter snows will fall Laying a blanket over all.
    Christmas presents Christmas fare Christmas music to fill the air,
    Happy children, barking dogs The sound of a saw Cutting logs.
    Christmas sounds Of fun and mirth Heralding our Saviour's birth,
    Let all God's children Lift up their eyes To search the Heavens And starry skies,
    For a sign in this new Millennium Of the promise made And of things to come.


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    Re your poetry Daffyd

    Post by Willows on Fri May 05, 2017 10:41 am

    Hi Daffyd...
    It's been so long since you and I interacted with you with poetry on this and on other Forums, but every now and then I look back at the forums to see what my friends are up to and it was so nice to see your latest works. I haven't been creative enough to write for quite some time but who knows....I might surprise you with a line or two one of these days...Daffy!... I surely do love the way that you write and you were a great influence on me when I was writing.

    I hope that you are well, but like all of us...as we age, no doubt that you've had your setbacks as I have had and many of our friends have had.

    To the rest of my Forum members here....a few of whom I've 'known'...and who would remember me....,
    I hope that you are all well.

    The best to you all in 2017!



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    Re: Poet's Corner

    Post by daffyd on Wed May 10, 2017 6:20 pm

    Yoh Willows.... Of all the forums in the world you had to return to this one (with apologies to Humpfree Gocart...in.... "Cass....I'll blank her")
    It is not often that anyone chooses to interact with me, but when they do it is an uplifting experience......... for them!
    To allow the poetic rhythms to flow gently through their labyrinthine minds, soothing, comforting and at the same time stimulating their recumbent gray matter into a composition mode so that they too can produce masterpieces....... like wot I do.

    Let us....together..... take a walk through.....

    The Gardens of the Mind  

    The irrepressible hand of Fate,
    leaves its message in the stars.
    It informs us of our destiny
    as does the Book of theological memoirs.
    It is written upon a background
    that all humanity can see,
    its message static and unchanging
    throughout all Eternity.  

     We must learn to read this message
    implanted in the gardens of our mind
    if we are to seek and reap the harvest
    that has been promised to Mankind.
    That message is of sharing,
    of love and harmony
    of sharing with all forms of life,
    a basic rule of theogony.
     The seed of Love has been implanted,
    in the gardens of the mind
    and we must learn the art of husbandry,
    then life's secrets we shall find.
    We must learn the art of sharing,
    in a fair and equitable way.
    We must uproot the weed of avarice,
    we must start that work today.
     The irrepressible hand of fate,
    having written, so moves on.
    Are we to ignore these warnings
    until all hope of peace is gone?
    Are we to let these weeds grow
    until at last we all are blind,
    or shall we tend those seeds of love,
    In the gardens of our mind?

    Bring your gardening gloves....... garden

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    Re: Poet's Corner

    Post by Willows on Thu May 11, 2017 12:14 pm

    Oh my goodness DaffyD
    You find me flabberghasted!
    Ne'er would I believe
    That you might even answer!
    What a joy it is
    To know you still exist
    Unlike many of my friends
    Whom now are gone...deceased!

    Never will I ever
    Compare with your poetic lines
    But I'll pop in from time to time
    To know that you're doing fine!

    Ugh!....soo good to hear from you DaffyD!


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    DaffyD - interpretation

    Post by Willows on Thu May 11, 2017 12:35 pm

    Your creative poetic mind and your creative way of writing astounds me.....as well as it does for others I'm sure.
    Oh please...interpret some of it so that we can learn from you.

    Hugs....or shall I say more 'poetically'.....warm embraces...

    Your words wrap around my mind DaffyD.... hugs.gif


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    Re: Poet's Corner

    Post by daffyd on Thu May 11, 2017 7:22 pm

    Quote: "Unlike many of my friends, whom now are gone.............deceased"

    Yes indeed, many of our friends and relatives have 'crossed over the bar' ( a naval term) and those of us remaining sail on to new adventures, new havens and new experiences. For having 'lost' a dear friend or indeed a soul mate, life thereafter is without doubt..... a new experience.

    The following is a narrative describing a personal loss, many years ago......


    I long for conversation on a relaxed social scale
    I long for female company, just a zephyr not a gale,
    I long for that voice of reason that has guided me through life
    I long for one dear lady and that  lady is my wife.
    I long to hear her greet me as I enter the front door
    I long to hear how her day's gone and what's more, what's more, what's more
    I long to feel her lying close beside me in my bed
    I long to see that smiling face on the pillow near my head.

    I yearn for home cooked meals, prepared with loving care
    I yearn for female guidance on what I should or should not wear.
    I yearn for someone to talk to when the day's been full of strife
    I yearn for one dear lady and that lady is my wife.
    I yearn to take her in my arms kiss all her cares away,
    I yearn to have another chance or just another day.
    I yearn to hear her singing in duet with me again,
    I yearn to turn back all those years until we are young, in vain.

    I want for some companionship almost all the time,
    I want for female attention for I'm still in my prime.
    I want for audibility in the visions I create,
    I want for one young lady that once was my soul mate.
    I want to live our life again those caring years of old,
    I want to do things different I need someone to hold.
    I want to feel her love again dispense with daily toil,
    I want to go and join her and shake off this mortal coil.

    I need for the sake of others to continue in my plight
    I need for just another day to have the strength to fight.
    I need for family reasons and for the promises I did make
    I need for her understanding when at last my heart does break.
    I need to show our children that life itself is fine
    I need to reassure them that I have not crossed the line.
    I need to secure their future in this torturous, devious life
    I need to do these various things, then join my lady wife.


    After many years those promises have been fulfilled, I have yet to find the fee to pay the 'ferryman' so I soldier on...... in good health and spirit. I write when I can and interact with friends on the forums.

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    Re: Poet's Corner

    Post by Willows on Thu May 25, 2017 9:40 am

    Can't compete nor understand....
    Much of your poetic words at hand...
    Will I ever?...likely never.....
    Know this wild and strangest man!
    He longs..
    He yearns...
    He wants........
    He needs.........
    Is there nothing that precedes??


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    Re: Poet's Corner

    Post by daffyd on Thu May 25, 2017 5:36 pm

    There was a life that did precede
    A life of love and joy
    I call upon it when in need
    Through memories which I employ

    I preserve her beautiful countenance
    In the recesses of my mind
    A fairer, sweeter, kinder face
    I know I shall not find.
    I jealously guard that flimsy image
    With the very being of my life
    And draw comfort as I gaze inwardly
    At that picture of my wife.

    I fight temptation to distort the shrine
    That encompasses her dear face
    And draw upon our undying love
    To safeguard that cherished place.
    It is a place I visit frequently
    To gaze silently in awe
    Reinforcing each and every feature
    That is alas, no more.

    I'm not talking glamour
    Created by cosmetics and a brush
    I'm talking natural beauty
    As seen in a robin or a thrush.
    I'm talking of natural beauty
    Carried with pride, displayed with style
    I'm talking of a radiance
    Created with a simple smile.

    Can you imagine tenderness
    Conveyed in a single glance
    Coupled with that special look
    That hinted at romance,
    And all of this so natural
    As the sun that shines above
    If you can imagine all these things
    You'll have a Portrait of my love.

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    Just want to say...

    Post by Willows on Sun Jun 04, 2017 7:33 am

    Hi DaffyD!

    Nothing to say poetically...but just thinking about you.


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    Re: Poet's Corner

    Post by daffyd on Sun Jun 04, 2017 1:06 pm

    Hi Willows!

    It is nice to hear of your concern
    but rest assured I'm fine
    Except for the skills I've yet to learn
    when opening a bottle of wine.

    So pay no heed to what I say, tis but with words that I do play! A pastime that fills my time
    looking, for the elusive word that will finally complete the rhyme.

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    Re: Poet's Corner

    Post by Willows on Thu Jun 08, 2017 8:22 am

    Hi Daffyd..

    Okay...I'll not take seriously...the words that you will play with me.....
    And I'll just write some rhyming stuff...sometimes when I've just had enough
    Of latest news or peoples' views......and garden flowers' scents profuse..
    So "pay no heed to what I say, tis but with words that I do play".


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    Re: Poet's Corner

    Post by daffyd on Thu Jun 08, 2017 6:08 pm

    I cannot play an instrument, I cannot croon a tune, the rhythm I have is in the words, which I stir with a wooden spoon. The outcome does surprise me for I know not from whence it flows, I only know it pleasures me to release my thoughts in prose.
    The metre, the rhythm, then at the end of each and every line, there is structure, creation, as toxic as any wine. At times there is a story, or a comment as to the day, there is laughter or nostalgia the poem can progress in a random or structured way. We all have this ability to note down a random thought, we need but to cast our nets and see what we have caught. The rhythm that is within us, beats as does our heart, we can all create that 'masterpiece' its just knowing where to start.
    The world today needs poets and the harmony they create, take up your pen, jot down a thought, before it is too late.

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    Re: Poet's Corner

    Post by Willows on Sat Jun 10, 2017 8:54 am

    Hi daffyd,

    I've painted many pictures,
    With brush and paint in hand
    I've written some..a song or two...
    But never with a band..
    I've plucked an old guitar,
    Taught to me by an Uncle dear....
    And sang some songs along with him
    Unpleasing...hmmm.. to one's ear.......
    None of it... perfection
    Yet I've enjoyed the time
    To dilly-dally now and then
    In a poetic rhyme.
    These things that I so much enjoy
    Express my heart and mind
    Yet never will I ever be
    An artist whom is signed.
    But this yearning in my heart has been
    For as long as I recall
    Painting, music, poetry...
    I love to do it all.


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    Re: Poet's Corner

    Post by daffyd on Sun Jun 11, 2017 1:29 pm

    Hi Willows,

    Your message to our readers
    Echoes my earnest and passionate plea
    That the poetry that helps to feed the soul
    Can be created by posters like you and me
    Painting, music, poetry......
    Are expressions of how we feel
    And describe a fantasy dimension
    An escape from daily problems that are real
    A sanctuary for the thought process
    A tranquil harbour for the mind
    Your contribution to this end
    Is invalueable, and has been difficult to find.

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    Re: Poet's Corner

    Post by Willows on Tue Jun 13, 2017 10:16 am

    Dear daffyd and all...

    I find as I grow older
    Fewer words come to my mind,
    So fewer of experiences to stimulate the kind
    Of stories much of interest
    Or ventures that would find
    Another listening to my prose
    Who'd not find it a grind!

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    Re: Poet's Corner

    Post by daffyd on Tue Jun 13, 2017 6:27 pm

    The art of writing verse is in serious decline
    The youth prefer to twitter and tweet
    And trudge around like Frankenstien.

    Their new appendage is the mobile phone
    With dexterity in each thumb
    They're alerted by a 'smart' ringtone
    Of the impending doom to come.

    Their music has no rhythm
    Their lyrics are far from verse
    Perhaps it was as bad in our day
    Well..... it couldn't be much worse

    If we could write the lyrics
    And they compose the tune
    We could have a hit in no time
    Perhaps save our hearing from permanent ruin

    Alas such thoughts are but dreams
    That occupy my mind
    So I'll stick to what I love
    And leave them their hips to grind.

    ani-banana... dancingBanana

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    Re: Poet's Corner

    Post by Willows on Fri Jun 23, 2017 10:00 am

    The words and phrases spoke today.....
    "I mean"..."no problem"
    And "at the end of the day"...
    "Reached out" instead of contacted....
    "I know"...."yeah no"..
    Every sentence beginning with  "so"....
    Female/male.......are "guys"....
    I wonder, wonder why...
    And where this lingo comes from.....
    Drives me totally in sane!
    "In and of itself"..
    What the heck does that phrase mean?
    "I went"..."I go"...to begin a sentence...
    "I'm not gonna lie" and "me and him"
    And he and I's......
    And "drive safe" in steady of safely...etc.....
    And the newest sexy word "spectrum".........

    Kardashian gal talk..."Do You love it?".....


    Such an abuse of the English language!

    Poetry and Writing and Speaking is becoming a lost art.

    Just had to get these off my chest..
    Words and phrases..I detest..
    There's not a day that does go by
    When I don't hear it once or twice..
    The language of the youth today,
    Has rotted and has gone astray.

    My words don't rhyme nor are they prose....
    Just a jumble..I suppose
    But I had to say to daffyd......
    These things that are just annoying me most! Aaarrgh

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    Re: Poet's Corner

    Post by daffyd on Sat Jun 24, 2017 6:04 pm

    Each to their own my dear friend, to them my best wishes I do send. The language of today's youth,
    may sound unintelligible, uncouth, but not to others of their ilk......"its all cool man, smooth as silk."
    Our language changes throughout the ages, new words appear in the lexicon pages. Words and phrases to convey a thought, no longer meander but are kept short.  Initials convey to the 'wordly' wise that which confuses and confounds 'our eyes'

    The youth today think we do not care so they invent a 'speak' they don't wish to share. In this mode of communication they set out to 'mock' our generation. Yet if they paused in their headlong flight they'd realise what is their 'God given right' was won and preserved by a geriatric crew who invented for them that which is considered 'new'

    As well as those achievements of our past, literature is a subject that will last, whether it be long or in an initial form, our poetry and prose will 'go down a storm'  

    U 2 can write a line of prose
    I've mentioned this B 4
    R U ready to give it a try?
    Can U cre8 some more?

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    Re: Poet's Corner

    Post by Willows on Wed Jun 28, 2017 8:15 am

    U R 1 of them R U not, daffyd?....even in your senior years! Hooray 4 U!! Cool-bubbleVery Happy

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    Re: Poet's Corner

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