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    Post by daffyd on Fri May 24, 2013 7:23 pm

    This is happening in your country and a country near you.......


    We live in a country called Austland
    The Australia we knew is no more
    Where sensible people do ludicrous things
    Or risk breaking some law.

    In Austland we've police dogs with muzzles
    Less the villain has cause to complain
    And to steal from a shop and say 'sorry'
    Means your free with no stain to your name.

    You had better leave lights on in buildings
    When you lock up and go home at night
    'cause the burglars might hurt themselves entering
    And there's no way you'll be in the right.

    When speaking be wary in Austland
    As some terms that you've used all your life
    Now have connotations unintended
    And you'll end up in all sorts of strife.

    We elect politicians in Austland
    To give us the laws of the land
    Yet so many laws care for those from abroad
    The whole thing has got out of hand.

    The borders are open in Austland
    And of migrants there's no keeping track
    Just a few of the thousands illegally here
    Will ever be caught and sent back.

    The exception to this is the hero
    Who fought for this land in the war
    He's old and he's sick, he might cost us a bit
    So he's not welcome here anymore.

    When the history is written of Austland
    Historians may just recall
    That the craziest people in what was Australia
    Were the public who put up with it all.!!!!!!!!!

    Let's scrap Political Correctness and these so called 'Human Rights'


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    Post by islandgrl on Sat May 25, 2013 12:10 pm

    Pity. It isn't just in Austland that Political Correctness takes presidence.

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